You can’t teach creativity in PR

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  1. Mark says:

    Nice post Sean. Everyone’s born creative. You only have to watch children playing to see that they have unrestricted imaginations and ultimate creativity. It’s just that, sadly, this gets conditioned out of many people as they grow up and become adults, which is a massive shame. I absolutely believe that it can be unlocked in anyone in the right environment, as you say.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever watched any of Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talks? Well worth looking at. I had the pleasure of booking him to speak at a client event and he’s fantastic. He believes that education is currently set up to train creativity out of children, and needs totally transforming. Some brilliant anecdotes…my favourite is about a child drawing a picture in class. The teacher asks the child what she’s drawing. The child replies, “It’s God”. The teacher answers, “Oh, but nobody knows what God looks like.”

    Child’s answer: “Well, they will in a minute…” Lovely.